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Trip to the Pool with BFF’s

Right before I had Maggie, we did our regular pool day but Mac, Eilish and Garnet came along!   All sorts of fun was had.  :)


Grant and his momma, Miss Sara. 

7-09-trip-to-pool-with-evans-and-grizzles-12 Gus and Mac with their ‘guns’.

eilish-pic-3 There are so few pics of me pregnant…and this one is fun!  Thanks to Eilish for taking it.   Let it all hang out, right!!??  :)

Express Game

This is the last game we went to before Maggie’s arrival!   Gus, as always, had a great time!!  :)






OK, so I am a little behind on posts!  I am gonna try to go back to even before M’s arrival and chronicle a few cool things we did then.  :)  We’ll see if I can ever catch up!

In case you were wondering…


Gus still LOVES baseball.  We are still deciding whether we’ll do fall T-ball…but if we don’t, Char and I will feel really guilty!   Anyway, his latest obsession is being the catcher.  Thanks to Gma and Gpa K for finding this perfect size mask.  :)  I think we have already figured out what he’ll be for Halloween.

Gus Meets Maggie!

Since I went into labor right as Gus went to bed and had Maggie before he woke up,  Gus got to meet his baby sister later that morning.   He got up around 8ish and came running into our room around 8:45 after breakfast (Charlie’s mom and Dad were here and letting us rest.  Thanks!!)   He was really excited!  It, of course, was cute and I cried! 





Maggie has arrived!! :)

Marguerite McNeal was born at home after a short 5 hour labor (woohoo!!) on July 22nd, 2009 at 12:49am. She weighed in at a whopping 7lbs 4oz and was 19 inches long. She has dark brown hair like her mama, but looks like a girlie version of her big brother Gus. :)    We are overjoyed and are getting settled in!  More pics soon! 


She’s cute, huh??  :)  These were taken about 2 hours after her birth.  Around 3am. 



Above are our midwives, Lisa and Melanie, and Maggie and I.  I think we look pretty dang good for 3am!


Grandma and Grandpa K with Maggie!



This is Lisa weighing Maggie.

Great Article in Fit Pregnancy

WOW!  This is a great article and even mentions Bradley!

Family of Three

Charlie had his masonic installation a few weeks back and we got in a few family shots.  We figure these are some of the last of the family of three before we are four!! 





Like Father Like Son

Perhaps this is cheesy, but I think its ridiculously cute.  Do you agree?  We went to REI a few months back because Charlie had wanted a pair of these.  They just so happened to have these in Gus’s size on sale and we couldn’t resist.  You can check out this super cool socially responsible brand of shoes called Keen here.  



I have some super cool (and generous) friends

I’m also really behind posting this one.  Much thanks to one of my coolest friends, Eilish, for throwing me a shower in late May.   It was all soo cute and precious and perfect…everything from the decor to the yummy yummy food!  :)  I luv ya, Eilish!!   Here are a pic of the cake and Eilish and I!



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